Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

This lovely, skin smoothing sea salt scrub was made for me by my lovely sister in law. And not only does it work like a charm, its so pretty to look at too.

Have any of you tried to make your own scrub before? There's nothing better than home made prezzies!

Christmas Wrapping {Inspiration}

A little wrapping inspiration for you today from Facil y Sencillo.

I will be doing more of these posts, to help you get those creative juices flowing for wrapping your Christmas gifts. 


Heart Bunting {wedding DIY}

In the search for the perfect bunting for our wedding {and the cheapest we could get our hands on!} my soon-to-be Aunty Marina had a wonderful idea while perusing down the aisles of Makro. Let's make our own! Ok, I thought not really that original. Let's make our own using paper plates! Um, I thought, now you're getting somewhere...

Here's what resulted from our trip to Makro:

Easy peasy lemon squeezey! I have done a post a while ago on making your own fabric bunting (click here) but I think that these make a nice change don't you think?! 

Rollin Vintage {Shop} Launch!

This friday, 1st June 2012, Rollin Vintage will be launching their new premises in Howick, just outside Pietermaritzburg. Ryan and Liesa started Rollin Vintage at the beginning of this year, and have been an unstoppable force since then. I did a post on their pieces before, click here, when they were just starting up their business, and it has been amazing to see them grow. Their shop is just the beginning. Not only will they be showcasing their gorgeous antique cutlery jewelry, they will also be stocking a host of other South African handmade designs and crafts. If you are in the Pietermaritzburg area on Friday afternoon, why not pop by!

These are the *before the stock has arrived* photo's, just to give you a little glimpse of what's in store on Friday.

Ryan and Liesa!

How amazing is this Radio!? *Not for sale*

Ryan's pride and joy! He spent many hours lovingly crafting this counter...

I want! 

Lots of natural light make the shop a very inviting place to be in winter...

One of their rings. 

The 'Designer on Display' feature space

{From left to right} Me, Liesa, Shellen and Angela
All four of us were studying our Postgrad Teaching Certificate at the University of Kwazulu Natal, but Liesa had other idea's, and left the course to follow her dream (inspiring woman!).

Lovely Market Finds...*Indulgent Delights*

I found myself at the wonderful I Heart Market again on Saturday (it was their first opening of the year) and the heat sure made it's presence known! But despite the humidity and general "sweaty"ness of everyone there, it was a great turnout! I found a relatively new store which caught my eye...Indulgent Delights. Hannah makes all kinds of lovely goodies, from bunting to cushions to children's toys and lots lots more. After my attempt last year at making bunting, I will definitely be chatting to Hannah in the future before I attempt any more myself! 

This is a shot Moses Mabhida Stadium. The Markets new venue is on the other side of the stadium to where it was last year! There is ample parking opposite the market! Don't make the mistake I did and park where you think the market will be and the hike in 35C weather and arrive looking frazzled :)

If you would like to get in touch with Hannah, you can drop her a line directly at or pop over to her Facebook group to find out more!

Mooi, Durban

A recent trip to Durban to drop off Farmboy's work vehicle led to some exciting finds in this lovely coastal city. Wackaberry was a super duper way to get our taste buds going, while Mooi was a treat for all our other senses. Such pretty things to look at and buy, Farmboy had to literally drag me out the shop while threatening to never go shopping with me again! 

Stocking everything from local handmade prettyness to thrifted goodies, and just about everything in between you won't be leaving empty handed. And it was the friendly Lauren (half of the genius behind Mooi) who told me about the Wonder Market in Umhalanga. Smart lady :)

If you've only got one day in Durbs, make sure that Mooi is at the top of your to-do list...

100 Bulwer Road

031 201 8274

Click here to visit their blog and here to get in contact with Lauren and Fiona


What did you get up to this weekend? Farmboy and I made one of these...

Pretty easy to make your own just need a piece of rubber (or chop a bit off your car floor mat), super glue, some wood and paint...happy stamping!!

*Sewing* Pretty

In my attempts to become more creative, I have tried my hand at various activities. Making bunting, giving a wooden box a face lift, cooking, baking...I wish the list went on. Well, today it does! I have finally finished my first attempt at sewing...Yippeeeeeeeee

Last few days to enter into my pretty polish giveaway :) I will choose a winner on friday! xx

Get Creative...*Bunting*

Ever since I first stepped into Wolves Coffee Shop in Illovo, I have been in love with bunting. Bunting?? What on earth is that? You know those cool vintage looking flags thingys that hang on strings? The fancy name for them is Bunting. Farmboy and I spent a lazy saturday afternoon trying our best to make them...they don't look very professional, but we had fun :)

For more detailed instructions click here. In the mean time, get your bum down to your nearest Fabric shop, put on your puppy dog eyes, and get your paws on some scraps...

Once you've got your scraps, cut out a triangle on some thick cardboard and use it as a stencil.

Once you've cut out lots of triangles, fold the top of the over a long piece of string or cord (we used about 5 meters) and staple the top 'closed'.

And there you go! Your very own triangle hanging thingy's :)

Q&A with Jess of *HelloThula*

I am always on the lookout for other inspiring/beautiful/creative blogs to use up all my mom's bandwidth (yes I am still one of those youngsters living at home and loving it!). It was just another one of those days, until I stumbled across HelloThula. I was so captivated by her blog, I just had to drop her a line. One thing led to another, and I thought the rest of you might like to hear what she is all about :)


Q. Where does the name Thula come from?

I was wanting to come up with a cool name for my jewelry, but nothing seemed quite right. I left it for a few weeks and all of a sudden thula popped into my mind, I liked the word itself, and I also like that its South African.

Q. So for those readers who have yet to stumble across your *shop*, what is it that you do/make??

I design, and hand make or hand forge sterling silver jewelry. I make jewelry from scratch. I buy raw silver in little like nuggets, and then I melt it down, roll it with a machine, knock it, hammer it, forge it into a ring.. earrings.. a tube for a stone... etc. 

I then sell my jewelry on my etsy store, mostly to international buyers thula on etsy and locally, to South African customers through my blog,  where rand prices are available. 

Q. What's your favorite item of jewelry to make and why?

I would have to say my hammered heart ring, I love to make this ring because it goes against everything I have been taught as a goldsmith apprentice. I'm used to making fine jewelry, but yet I love to make rustic jewelry like the hammered heart ring because it has its own character. I can make 10 rings look exactly exactly the same if I'm making fine jewelry. But with rustic jewelry.. something can look very very similar, but not quite 100%. That is because its not filed, and sanded, and made to look identical. The way the hammer hits the band, will not be exactly the same as another rustic ring. & because it is not being "cleaned" up/ (filed/ sanded polished) Its always going to be different, and that makes it interesting.

Q How long does it take you to make something, and where do you get your idea's from?

It all depends on the item of jewelry. A rustic piece of jewelry will obviously take a shorter time to make  than a fine piece of jewelry.
A hammered heart ring can take me 45 minutes. My clover ring is about 3 hours.
I get ideas from fashion editorials in magazines, I love looking at an outfit, and designing something that would really go with what the model is wearing. I get a lot of new ideas, from designing custom orders for people as well. 

Having to look outside of myself, and think about what someone else wants, someone else's style is always interesting and helps me to develop new ideas and pieces.

Q. What's the hardest part of being a jewelry manufacturer?

The hardest part of designing jewelry is probably trying to come up with something a little fresh, and different. Something people havent seen before. Working as a goldsmith apprentice tends to make you a bit narrow-minded when it comes to designing. Typically you just do custom orders for people. You do some designing, but thats more to please them, and to design somehting specific to their own style. Ive found that having my own jewelry range is more challenging, but definitely more fun.

The hardest part of actually hand making the jewelry, is when you mess something up!

You don't get a second chance if you make a mistake, you need to start the ring, or item over. This doesn't happen very often, but it can, and when that happens it can be frustrating, and you almost lose interest in the piece. The upside though, is that this when I really learn.

Q. What's the best part of being a jewelry manufacturer?

Being able to be creative, and see something through from absolutely nothing to something special.
Thinking, planning and designing something.. and then executing the plan of how to go about making it, then finishing it off. & having the finished product to actually see, and being able to enjoy it because its tangible, and not just an idea, or a drawing.

I love working the metal, forging it into what I want it to become. Its fun, and it allows me to be very creative.

I also really enjoy doing custom orders for people, whether it be a birthstone ring, or necklace. Or something very special that they want made. Its fun, and different, something I wouldn't typically make.

Q. You're from PE, If we had one day to explore the *windy city* where would you suggest we go?

You should definitely check out Richmond Hill.. if you are looking for some breakfast, or lunch, Vovo Telo bakery (the original) is just lovely... 
Otherwise late afternoon, early evening, Check out Charlie Superstar - amazing pizza, , Bain Street Grill.. or Fushin (if you into sushi).

Otherwise, sardina bay beach is a really wonderful place to go for a picnic, or walk. Its a beautiful beach, and just a great place I treasure.

Lastly, If you could design an item of jewelry for your favorite celebrity , what would you design and who would it be for?

I'd like to design something for Blake Lively. I really like her fashion sense, and there's something ethereal about her which I think is really beautiful.

I'd most likely design a very intricate, dainty and feminine necklace, with many fine chain, linked to one, with different size gemstones. All pale, and understated colored gems placed throughout the layers of chains. Something that could be worn with something very casual, or with something very smart and formal as well.

 Thanks for the inspiration's not everyday you get to chat with someone who designs and makes their own jewelry, and one that makes such beautiful pieces.
Don't forget to check out Jess's shop, and of course her blog for her latest offerings :)

I hope you enjoyed my first *interview* post. Let me know if what you thought about it, and whether you would like to see more :)

Get Crafty! *Vintage MakeUp Box*

I've had this boring pine box/chest of drawers hanging around in my room for years. It used to be filled with my (*wait for it*), my rubber...sorry we don't use that word anymore...I mean, eraser collection, cassette tapes and other such nonsense. Farmboy suggested we do something with it. It has now become the UlTiMaTe MaKe-Up storage device! 

please excuse the apostrophe' an English major I should have know better. I couldn't even blame Farmboy as I had done the stenciling! 
It was so easy to do, I think you should give it a try!

You will need...

box/chest of drawer/anything needing a 'lift'
paint brushes
turpentine (to clean the brushes)
3 colours of paint (we just used what we could find in the was Plascon's Super Acrylic Polvin in "baby elephant" for the main colour, for the 'vintage' look we used Plascon Multi Surface Primer, and black for the stenciling)
lots and lots of newspaper
some sponges

stencils (we used an old x-ray that we traced and cut out on)

Step 1: Paint your box thingy all over with your base colour and leave to dry. Don't forget to put down lots of newspaper so as not to make a big mess

Step 2: First mix a little turpentine with your white paint to get a nice even consistency, and before you go crazy with your box, practice on a spare piece of something to get your creativity flowing. Make sure your box is completely dry and then it's bomb's away...happy spongeing! This is a bit of a process, and you will get better at it as you go along...promise!

Step 3: Tea time!

Step 4: Use your tea time to prepare your stencils. Just print out the words you want to stencil on your 'thingy', glue them onto thick card or an x-ray if you have, and then using a craft knife, cut them out...otherwise just get yourself an actual stencil to use. 
Using your black paint, get to stenciling. Use a sponge to 'dab' the paint on the stencil as it creates a much nicer effect than solid painting. Leave to dry.

Step 5: Stand back and admire your work!

Voila! The ultimate beauty storage device! 

The idea for this *make-over* came from the lovely Sacha at OnceUponATime who specialises in transforming old forgotten furniture, and does it in style...thanks so much for the inspiration Sascha!

*ThreadBear* Goodies

Also selling lovely hand-made goodies is the delightful Claire...cushions, sewing jars, brooches and so much more! Check out her wares in Tent Number 4!

Click here to visit her website and to find out more information on prices and other important info :)


Chic♥Revolution, a flea market styled decor store, has it's very own spot at the National Arts Festival Village Green, Grahamstown. Furniture, Decor, Linen & Gifts are what this store is all head down to Tent Number 1 and feast your eyes...

Chic♥Revolution is based in Port Elizabeth, in the heart or Richmond Hill. Click here to have a squizz at their website where everything is available for purchase online, and click here to check out their facebook group! Local is lekker :)

**Take Care** Clothing

Cape Town based designer Jessica Harwood launched
her label under the name 'Take Care' in Spring 2008.
Her clothing has since become known for
its simple sophistication and understated femininity.

Take Care is also around for the Grahamstown Arts Festival, if you are around and about, check out their store in Tent Number 1.
Click here for their website, and click here to visit their facebook group

The Pendant Warehouse...

Stocking some of the most lovingly hand crafted goodies I have ever come across, I now present you with...The Pendant Warehouse.

 Founded in 2005, The Pendant Warehouse is based in Vredehoek, Cape Town. 

Each pendant is carefully and oh so thoughtfully put together by the very trendy and super friendly Hanici. If you are around for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, you just have to pop into their store. They are situated in tent number 1, close to the entrance nearest the Student Union Building. At only R80 a pop, you might just have to make more than one purchase :)
Click here to visit their website, and click here for their facebook page.

**Little Birdie**

From beanies to gloves, cup warmers to gorgeous hairbands...I couldn't help but make a few purchases! 

Here are a few delights from the lovely Robyn at Little Birdie...

If you are around for the Festival, you can check out her wares at the end of Tent Number 4. She is sharing with 3 other talented folk selling beautiful photographs and other hand made goodies :)

For more information you can contact Robyn at robyn.devilliers[at]gmail[dot]com