I have a few extra offerings that you might like. These are upgrades to the BeautifyYourBlog course that will add a lot of extra value to an already great course. I just wanted to mention them here, in case you are like me & enjoy getting all the extra goodies on offer. 

You can purchase each offer individually, or buy the whole lot as a Productivity Bundle. As a fellow blogger, I know your blogging struggles intimately. I've created these upgrades to the BeautifyYourBlog course because I know that each of them will add an extra set of tools to your blogging skill set.

Do you want to grow your blog by gaining more traffic and reaching the right people who will share your work, engage with you & ultimately buy your products/service offerings? The following offerings are designed to do just that.

The workbook is filled with extra activities to guide, step by step to create a blog your target audience will love and connect with, and ultimately, keep coming back to.

The templates are designed to save you time. Simply drag and drop your own photographs and blog graphics into the style guide & mood board templates to help you keep your branding consistent. The Facebook & Twitter cover templates are super easy to customize, leaving you with professional looking cover photographs for social media,  in just a few minutes. 

This beautifully crafted and information rich handbook is designed to be used either as a stand along course guide or alongside the BeautifyYourBlog e-course. 

It's filled with 70 pages of exercises & activities to help you dive deeper into your blog and ultimately inspire you to craft the blog of your dreams.

The perfect budget friendly productivity bundle which includes the beautiful Handbook as well as all the templates that accompany this course. 

This bundle will save you time and ultimately make your journey to blogging beautifully that much easier.

Templates to save you time to do the things you love when it comes to your blog. Each template is in PSD format for use in Photoshop or Gimp.

Included is a Style Guide and Mood board, as well as Twitter cover and Facebook cover templates.

The productivity bundle also includes exclusive access to a private Mastermind Group. In this special group, you'll have intimate access to Roxy and the other members. This group focuses on growing your blog and online business and serves as an invaluable resource to build friendships, get feedback, and discuss your online space with people who understand the journey you are on.