Blog-napped by hubby. Yes this is happening

Words to self...

OK this is going to be fast, brutal and messy, she is sitting next to you and could peep over at any second.

Words to innocent bystanders...

If you guys out there, the readers, are confused about the change in tempo, tone, poor grammar and general lack of prettyness - its because this blog has been taken over, kidnapped, hi-jacked and blog-napped.

Yes you read right for one brief moment today I have managed to get the queen away from her Mac-Book-throne, and its given me the chance I have been waiting for. You might wonder why Im using the her blog for this and the truth is Im not sure but I know she will love it to bits and thats all thats important right now. And lets be honest, she is a blogger and everything that ever happens in our life eventually winds up here anyways.

Words to my princess...

Hello my dove... I figured this would be a fun way of getting your attention. Its been 365 of the best days of my life, heres to many more. You are my everything.

Our one year anniversary.

Farmboy&CityGirlRoxy Hutton