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SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Korean Beauty Review

SUM:37 has somewhat of a cult following in South Korea.

I feel like I say this about nearly every Korean beauty brand, because, if we're really being honest, the Koreans know a lot about beauty, and (at least in my opinion) make some of the worlds best beauty products.

Previous Clients: Bespoke Brand Photography for Wonderland Graphic Design

Earlier last year, I had the pleasure of working with Sarah from Wonderland Graphic Design.

Sarah is based in the UK, and had purchased one of my images on CreativeMarket and had had a slight problem with her download. I quickly sorted out the issue for her, and we got chatting over Facebook and realised we had a couple of friends in common and that she lived in the same area I used to live in over 15 years ago! What a small world!

Soon afterwards we began chatting about my new service offering, Bespoke Brand Photography, and the rest they say, is history! 

Natal Midlands - Art Therapy Class with Terry Angelos

Just before wrapping up the end of 2016, I spent a most wonderful morning attending an art therapy class hosted by Durban based artist extraordinaire, Terry Angelos.

Terry uses nature as her inspiration, and creates the most beautiful works of art. She also owns the clothing store, Anthology, which is in the Windermere Shopping Centre in Durban.

Terry has just started doing art therapy classes here in Natal, hosting one in Durban earlier last year, and then finishing off with her second one for those of us who stay closer to the Natal Midlands. The class was all about watercolour painting and aimed at beginners (thank goodness!). Most of us hadn't spent much painting before, and Terry really showed us that anyone can paint and there really is no secret to it all. It's all about having fun and putting paint to paper.

Joburg to Cape Town roadtrip via Poffadder, Springbok, Kaamieskroon, Bitterfontein & Yzerfontein with our dog to see the Namaqualand flowers!

A few weeks after arriving back in South Africa from living in South Korea (click here to ready more about our 4 years spent teaching English in Korea), Farmboy and I headed off on a 6 week road trip around South Africa. We started our trip in Johannesburg (where my family are) and ended on the farm in Kwazulu Natal (where Farmboy's family are). 

During those 6 weeks we visited about 15 towns and cities, some of which I had never heard of before, and had wonderful adventures seeing more of South Africa than either of us had seen before. This is a very image heavy post, so you might want to go and make yourself a cup of tea while you wait for these images to load :)

Farmboy also vlogged our trip, which you can watch by heading over to his youtube channel (click here). There are lots of fun behind the scenes videos of our trip, which I think you'll really enjoy.  I've linked them below so you can watch them right here in this post.

The aim of this trip was to see the famous Namaquland Daisies, as well as to explore more of Cape Town. When we got home from Korea, we wanted to spend time in the major cities in South Africa to see if we would like to settle and make home in any of them. This trip was the perfect opportunity to explore Cape Town and see if we could imagine ourselves making it our new home. 

Professional Headshots & why your brand needs one instead of a grainy selfie

These days, social media makes it easier than ever for you to connect with your target audience online. This means your brand is on show ALL THE TIME, and people are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing who to work with. This is why it's so important to make sure your brand makes the right impression the moment a potential client or customer comes into contact with you.

For many of us, the first time our clients see us is on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and so these social media platforms are the perfect place to showcase your profile photo instead of your logo.

Win a set of personalised prints from Nifty250!

I've got a lovely little giveaway happening over on Facebook, where you can win yourself a voucher from Nifty250

Nifty250 is a local South African company that aims to revive everyones love of print photographs. Think about all those wonderful memories stored on your phone or computer. Wouldn't you want them beautifully displayed in your home or office, rather than collecting virtual dust on your hard-drive?

Beautiful & Free Christmas Styled Stock Images for your Blog, Business or Social Media posts

It's nearly the ned of the year (where did the past 11 months even go?!) and that means that it's one of the busiest times of the year for most of us. To make your life a little easier when it comes to your blog & social media, I've created a set of Christmas styled stock photographs just for you.

If you're new around these parts, you might not know about the CGScreative Resource library; a treasure trove of resources for bloggers, creatives & business owners. 

The CGScreative resource library is a FREE online space filled with blogging worksheets, business resources & helpful printables.

It's also filled with what has made my library famous; my stock imagery.

Here's a little sneak peek into what's inside.

Life on a Dairy Farm - An update on our new home in South Africa

As of October 1st, Farmboy and I have officially settled on the family dairy farm here in the little town of Creighton, Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa for all my overseas readers). We have officially been back home since the end of June this year, and spent the last few months roadtripping around South Africa, catching up with friends and exploring the different cities and towns while we decided where we wanted to be settle.

We are so happy to finally report that we officially part of the Creighton community (the town that Farmboy grew up in) and have just finished renovating the little farm cottage at the bottom of the garden of the main farmhouse where Farmboy's folks live. Never in my life did I think I would live so close to my in-laws, but I have to see I am one lucky lady and really struck gold with the family I married in to.

Not only are we given with a constant supply of farm fresh eggs and milk (we do live on a dairy farm after all), but Mum & Dad have been amazing in helping us get settled. Dale officially started working as the assistant farm manager, alongside his Dad at the start of October, and is up for milking at 4h30am every alternative week and spends his days working with his hands. He is in his element, and loving feeling useful again after our time spend babysitting/playing games....ahem, I mean teaching English in Korea.